The Social Impact Platform

What is the platform?

A huge part of your ministry connecting with the community is being on social media. As Erwin McManus once said, "The Christians didn't build roads to share the gospel, they used the roads the Roman's had already built." Social Media is the road most are traveling on day in and day out. As a church this is the natural place to be to connect with the community and share the gospel. The only problem is, doing social media takes time, people, and resources. You can get a social scheduling platform like Hootsuite or Sprout Social. These programs will help you lift the burden of social media. The only problem is, there platforms are expesive and out of reach for most church budgets. That is why we created the Social Impact Platform! The Social Impact Platform is a powerful social media scheduling and management tool that gives you all the power and features of a top end product like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, at a price the church can afford. The Social Impact Platform will give you unlimited accounts, unlimited users, powerful scheduling, listening, and messaging tools at a price local church can afford. For $99 a month, you can have same powerful social schedule tools major marketing firms use, to share a message that can truly change lives. The reality is you have the best message, and you should have the best platform to share that message. As if that is not good enough, when you support the Social Impact Platform, you are supporting church planting. That's right! when you use other platforms you are pouring into profits, but when you support the Social Impact Platform you are not only getting a powerful tool for your ministry, you are a part of planting churches! Sign up today, and get the best social media tools on the market at a price any church budget can afford.

Pricing options

All proceeds from this platform go to planting new churches.