Instructor Bio:

A regular speaker at events and conferences around the world, Matt is highly sought after for large conferences that fill packed arenas, small workshops and any size event in between. Matt’s engaging style captures his audience, tackling tough topics with humor and without pretense. Matt is actively engaged in encouraging and educating speakers to use their voices to effectively communicate their own message. With events like VoxCon, and digital media content, Matt is able to share his message with diverse audiences around the world.

Matt Popovits

Pastor, Preacher, Writer, Teacher


Instructor Bio:

Passionate about connecting the disconnected and helping people translate the unchanging gospel to an ever-changing world. Lives this passion out through preaching, teaching, and training the next generation of disciple makers, church planters, and ministry leaders. Leads national webinars and speaking engagements on: outreach, technology, social media, missional leadership, church planting and the issues that affect mission and ministry in the 21st century. Founder and Director of the Kairos Network. The Kairos Network launched in June of 2017, to develop and train church planters, pastors, and lay leaders to reach the disconnected for Christ. While the Gospel is unchanging, the way we teach people about Jesus changes. To engage the world around us we must move into new places in new ways. It has been a vehicle for planting churches, launching church plant training pathway, a webinar training series, and helping the church at large learn live-streaming and other useful tools to navigate the pandemic. To learn more about the network visit

Matt Peeples

Church Planter, Trainer, Network Leader

Social proof: testimonials

Here what other preachers and teachers have to say.

“I have been blessed to work with both Matt Peeples and Matt Popovits and believe they are two uniquely gifted, dynamic individuals with powerful voices that can speak into this culture with the love and grace of Jesus. If you are wanting to learn how to effectively communicate in today’s rapidly changing culture, these are two I would heavily lean on.”

Author of The Red Letter Challenge Series

Zach Zehnder

“In the past 3 years of ministry, I have said "I don't know" more times than ever before in my years as a pastor. If you find yourself in similar shoes, you will find Matt and Matt to be a well of wisdom in your communication of the gospel in these disorienting times.”

Lead Pastor University Chapel, Church Planter, Speaker

Gabe Kasper

“We believe that the Holy Spirit works faith where and when He wills in those who hear the Gospel. The big question thus becomes: “As a preacher, do you know what you need to learn, do you know how you need to grow, do you know what you need to become, so that your Gospel preaching is actually heard by the de-churched, quasi-churched, and never-churched people in your community?” Matt Popovits and Matt Peeples know. They’ve done it themselves, and they can help you become that kind of preacher, too!”

Minnesota South District LCMS Assistant to the President - Missions

Rev. Dr. William Utech

“What an incredible opportunity to learn from two gifted communicators. Matt and Matt both have a heart for the Gospel to be heard in deep, new, and profound ways. I just signed up and am excited to learn with them.”

Senior Pastor The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens

Dave McGinley

“Matt and Matt bring a wealth of practical pastoral preaching experience. They are truly two of the finest communicators of the Gospel I know. They also have a love for Jesus and His mission that infuses all of their communication with passion for the lost. I highly recommend 'Preaching that Connects.”

Senior Pastor Christ Greenfield Church, Founder of Unite Leadership

Tim Ahlman

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